How to verify my COINZIX account?



1. Login into your COINZIX account.

2. Go to Account and click on Verification.



3. Start the verification and follow the SUMSUB steps.




Have your personal ID (Passport, ID card, Residence permit, Driver's license) prepared.


4. Select verification via mobile phone or on the device you are connected.


  • Scan the QR code with your phone's camera or copy the link into your phone's browser.



  • Click the button Continue on this device.



5. Agree with the personal data processing and click Next.




6. Insert personal data information.




7. Select the document type.




8. Continue on your device by uploading a scanned copy of your document or switch to phone for an instant picture of your document.



9. Take a selfie with your device camera or switch to mobile. Click I'm ready when you are ready to take the selfie.



10. After taking the selfie, REVIEW your data and click Next.


Verification status will be updated automatically.


COINZIX team is checking your data and will automatically unlock your Level 1 verification.