Frequently Asked Questions on EUR Bank Transfer via SEPA

1. What is SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)?


SEPA is an initiative of the European Union and is strongly supported by the European Commission and the European Central Bank that allows fast, reliable, and affordable Euro (EUR) transfers between bank accounts within the SEPA-zone.


2. What are the Deposit and Withdraw Fees for EUR?



  • This information may change from time to time. Please login to your COINZIX account and navigate to the bank deposit page to get the most recent information.
  • Fees listed in the above chart do not include additional fees charged by your bank (if any).
  • SEPA Instant is available any time of day. However, users are advised to consult their bank regarding the availability of SEPA Instant and possible fees charged by your bank.
  • SEPA Instant is only available for deposits on COINZIX.


3. How long does it take for the deposit to arrive in my account?

If you submit a deposit after 17:00 (local time), it is expected to arrive in the next 1-2 working days. SEPA payments don’t work on weekends, so please try to avoid weekends or bank holidays when making a deposit.


4. What should I pay attention to before making the transfer?

  • Add the Payment comment 5 digit code in the bank transfer details. 
  • The name on the bank account you use must match the name registered to your COINZIX account.
  • Please do not transfer funds from a joint account. If your payment is made from a joint account, the transfer will most likely be declined by the bank as there is more than one name and they do not match the name of your COINZIX account.
  • Bank transfers through SWIFT are not accepted.
  • SEPA payments don’t work on weekends; try to avoid weekends or bank holidays. It usually takes 1-2 business days to reach COINZIX.


5. What are the deposit/withdrawal limits?

The deposit and withdrawal limits of EUR bank transfer are subject to verification levels.

To check your daily, weekly and monthly limits, please refer to What is Level 0, 1 or 2 verification?


6. I have made the transfer, but why haven't I received it yet?

Possible reasons for the delay:

  • The Payment comment 5 digits code from the Deposit initiated on the COINZIX app was not inserted in the bank transfer for the transfer to be approved automatically.
  • The amount sent via SEPA is not matching exactly with the amount initiated in the COINZIX app.
  • Due to compliance requirements, a small number of transfers will be manually reviewed. It takes up to a few hours during working hours and one working day during non-working hours.
  • If you use SWIFT as a transfer method, your funds will be returned.